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Made with ‘Akkawi,’ a soft cow’s cheese, melted onto our soft flatbread, the cheese man'oushi is a must try. Pair it with tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mint and a cup of hot tea...

Cheese Combo


Try our take on cheese manou'shi with this Cheese combo, made with a blend of three cheeses and extra toppings of mushrooms and black olives...

Duo Cheese with Wild Thyme


A twist on zaatar and cheese with wild thyme and our special duo cheese mix...

Halloumi & Kashkaval


Always a wining combo of halloumi and kashkaval topping. Deliciously salty, soft and gooey for all cheese lovers out there...

Kafta & Cheese


Special Kafta mix covered with three cheeses, then baked to perfection in the oven. It is enjoyed by all for a hearty breakfast or lunch on the go...



Dried yogurt re-hydrated, with tomato, onion, and sesame seeds...

Lahmeh Bi Aajin


Delicious topping prepared with ground beef, tomato, onion, sweet pepper paste, and our special spice mix , traditionally baked onto crispy flatbread. Served with fresh lemon wedges for a tangy fresh finish...



A triangular shaped dough filled with vegetables goodness; Swiss chard, tomatoes, onion, lemon, and spice blend. Vegetarian lunch on the go...

Soujouk & Cheese


For delicious spicy meaty taste our Soujok mixed with three cheeses is just the answer...

The Hot & Cheesy


Our cheese man'oushi with a twist. A mix of hot paste and pizza sauce spread over soft dough and covered with our special 3 cheese mix, topped with diced onions and tomatoes Simply delicious...

Turkey & Cheese


Turkey ham perfectly balanced with our cheese mix on tasty oven-baked dough for a delicious experience. Try it for breakfast, light lunch or dinner...



The traditional Zaatar man'oushi, made with our special blend of dried thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds mixed with oil and baked to a crispy exterior and warm chewy interior. It is best enjoyed with tomatoes, cucumbers, labneh and a cup of hot tea...

Zaatar & Cheese


Why choose between Zaatar or cheese when you can get both in every bite! Our soft, melt in your mouth dough is spread with half zaatar and half cheese, then baked in a traditional way to excede your expectations...

Zaatar Mix


Traditional zaatar man'oushi with extra topping of diced tomatoes and onions for added flavour...

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