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Baked Wrap

Eugene Chicken


Our best seller, the baked Eugene chicken is meaty, cheesy, juicy, and satisfying. This wrap consists of flavourful chicken strips, cheese mix and vegetables,wrapped and baked inside our thin dough .It works just as well for dinner as a midday meal o..



Labneh, a soft cheese made from salted strained yoghurt, is a middle eastern kitchen staple. Light and healthy our wrap combines tomatoes, cucumber, black olives , fresh mint and of course olive oil for the perfect labneh wrap...

Halloumi Oat


The Halloumi in this healthy oat wrap brings in the saltiness that combines perfectly with crunchy tomatoes and cucumbers, finishing everything off with black olives paste, before it is freshly baked and served piping hot...



Three simple ingredients come together to create this delicious wrap. With banana pieces in melted nutella sauce and sprinkled with crushed hazelnut it is a must try for the young and not so young...

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