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Chicken Hot Wrap

Chicken Hot Wrap

  • 26.00AED

Dough White (Flour {Wheat, Soy}, Water, Sugar, Yeast, Salt, Dough Improver, Gluten), Chicken Strips (Chicken, Cajun, Sunflower Oil, Black Pepper, Salt), 3 Cheese Mix (Mozzarella, Edam Cheese, Emmental Cheese), Lettuce, Mayo Sauce (Mayonnaise, Mustard, Lemon, White Pepper), Tomato, Carrot, Hot Paste
This big, warm baked wrap is what comfort food is all about. Our thin dough is stuffed with tender chicken strips, melted cheese mix, crispy lettuce, tomato, carrot, chili paste and mayo sauce dressing, before it is baked to perfection and served piping hot.

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